Increase Your Sales 

Even If You Don’t Know What to Say 

and You’re Afraid of Sounding Like a Used Car Salesperson 



with Peri Shawn 

award-winning sales author 


This is your real opportunity to transform your sales (and your life) ….

Instead of using outdated sales techniques that feel manipulative, you’ll use results-proven brain-based strategies to help others with their buying decisions.  You’ll leverage cutting-edge neuroscience to sell better.  


What would THAT do for your business?

This sales program can seriously grow your revenues.

This is YOUR opportunity if:   

  •     You’re good at what you do and you want to help more people  
  •     You’re an entrepreneur who wants to take your business to the next level  
  •     You want a results-proven sales process that works


Have you ever said one these to yourself?

"I'm really good at what I do. I should be doing more business"



"I can't seem to get myself out of this plateau. How did I get here?"


"The sales strategies I learned don't feel like me. What can I do?"


"I don't like selling. My confidence goes way down but I have to do it if I want business."

"I don't have a sales conversation structure. I wing it and some people buy."

"I'm an expert at what I do, but I don't love selling. It makes me real uncomfortable."

What's Included in

Selling with

Science & Soul

You get to join the very interactive and intimate

live weekly group coaching classes.


Over the 2 months of the program, you'll share your work (as you build your sales conversation components), get coached on your sales conversations and prospecting strategy, and receive valuable feedback to help you generate greater revenue. 

During the program, you'll also get:

  • Access to Results-Proven Training Videos

    (to watch anytime, any where)

    (Peri was a teacher so the material is engaging, simple and easy to follow)

  • Handouts

    (to help you learn better and apply the content to grow your business)

  • Profitable Sales Conversation Checklist

    (to use the rest of your business life to help you continually sell better)

  • The Prospecting Strategy Test

    (to identify your innate way of finding new clients)

  • The Profitable Networking Checklist

    (to get better results when you network) 

  • The Referral Asking Tool

    (to increase the number of qualified referrals you get and take you business to the next level)

  • Weekly Profitable Sales Conversation Exercises

    (to master your sales conversation skills) 

  • Weekly Quizzes

    (to test your knowledge so you get to know what to improve)

  • Weekly Practice Assignments

    (to use with your practice partner and then clients)

  • A Practice Partner

    (to practice your sales conversations with a participant of the program)

Bonus Module

Your Downturn Business Strategy

With new units (videos and exercises) to help you align your business for profits

  • Your Business Steps (so you know what to focus on during a downturn) 
  • Your Business Assessment (to help you determine your best action steps)
  • Your Client Base Assessment (to get you determining how to best serve and sell your clients)
  • Your Innate Business Offering (to give you valuable feedback to help you determine how you can better align your offering)
  • ​Your Client Money Shift Research (to help you discover where your clients are spending money at this time) 
  • Your Product Pivot (to create your specific Pivot Plan)
  • Your Business Development Strategy (to know exactly what you are doing with your clients)

PLUS 2 Additional Group Coaching Calls (to determine and polish your downturn business strategy)


Read what leaders say about Peri:


Peri stands out because of her 20 years of experience working with 100s of CEOs, executives and their teams using the neuroscience of buying.

If you want to learn more about how to be effective in sales, take advantage of what Peri has to offer.

Jack Canfield

Co-author of The Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul

If you would love to increase your sales, learn from Peri. She is both inspiring and informative.



Dr. John Demartini

Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience

Watch what people say about Peri


You get to hear from those who have worked with Peri – others, like you, who want to sell more in an ethical way without being pushy or manipulative.



Kai Bartlette

increased her sales by 60%

Jonathan Sugai

increased his sales by 40%

Liz A. Garcia, EdM

doubled her sales

Carly Pepin

close ratio from 10% to 80%

Manmeet Chowdhry

increased her sales by 40%

Dr. Kim Jobst, DM, FRCP

got 6 new chief exec clients during program

In Case You Don’t Know Peri's Story…  


For 20 years, she's been working with some of the largest corporations in North America.  She is seasoned at helping people significantly increase their sales.  


She's even a multiple award-winning author in the world of sales and leadership.  


Her clients share that they really appreciate her unique combination of relationship-focus while using  the neuroscience of buying.


Peri doesn't believe in manipulating people to buy.  Instead she says it’s about finding and speaking with the “right” people.  Your people.

She's been helping entrepreneurs and independent salespeople become more profitable. It bothers her that many people (and their loved ones) suffer in business because they don’t have access the same quality of sales training as the staff in the big corporations.  


That is why she teaches programs to help entrepreneurs like yourself.  


Her material gets great results for IBM, RBC, AT&T, Bell, etc, and it gets great results for entrepreneursIt boosts their business revenues and helps them live a better lifestyle and make a bigger difference.  She fondly refers to it as abundasizing your business and your life.  


Her goal is to give you access to the information that up until now was only available to those in the labs of big universities, or, to the Sony’s and big banks of the world.  


For the average person, if they did get a hold of the raw content in the neurological studies, they probably wouldn’t understand most of its scientific terminology.  It’s taken Peri years with 4 neuroscience grads students combing through the research week after week to gather and interpret the data, and then, test the research in real conversations.  

Selling with Science & Soul is not just a program.  It is a tested results-proven process (based in science and real human dynamics) that provides lasting results. 

But as an entrepreneur who wants to do even better, chances are you don’t have this information.  


And no one has ever knocked on your door to let you know that if you tweak this and that, and you say this and that, it can absolutely transform your business.  


That's what the Selling with Science & Soul program is about.  Helping you get the results you want!


You get the benefit of Peri's years of polishing.  You’ll discover the simple sales structure of what to ask and say to make your sales conversations more meaningful, productive and profitable, based on neuroscience and relationship.  


Your new sales approach won’t feel manipulative or pushy.  You won’t feel like you are sliming people.  You’ll actually have fun selling.  


Peri is committed to helping you sell more, better, sooner and more often… without manipulating or being pushy.

What's The REAL Value To You?

I usually don’t share how much I make. 


But I thought it might be helpful to you to understand the value youre getting and to see why the information has been so exclusive up until now.  


charge tens of thousands of dollars to corporations that work with me (and some hundreds of thousands). I’ve been hired by Royal Bank of Canada, Bell, Air Canada, Hallmark, Merck, Direct Energy and Enbridge to name a few.  In many cases, for years.  


The kind of information I’m going to share with you would cost you tens of thousands of dollars at the low end.   


But because of technology, and because of volume, you get to be part of a community where you can access and apply this exclusive information.  And because of the technology and volume, I’m able to adjust and make it accessible to you 


Instead of being $50,000, you get this exclusive value at $2,500.   


My goal during the program is to ensure you get the neuroscience of buying, tools, and practice to literally sell anything you want so you can create the business and lifestyle you love 


All of this will help you learn how to sell better, sooner and more often with neuroscience. 

Are You Ready To Leverage Neuroscience To Sell More And Increase Your Revenues?

$2,500/One time payment


$1,500/Two time payment

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